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We live in uncertain times. Cost of living increases, bank failures, government bailout programs, and a declining stock market threaten the value and availability of the money we need. Experts are quick to give advice but nobody seems to have the answer. Politicians blame each other and ignore the reality that these economic difficulties are complex and no one person has the answer. It’s pretty safe to say that this problem isn’t going to go away soon regardless of what the federal government does.

Most of us have to admit that we need extra cash now. Increasing credit card debt is a real trap. Borrowing and paying interest makes matters worse. Given current savings account interest rates, putting money in the bank is not the solution. Investing in the stock market is like gambling. There has to be a better way.

New opportunity is embedded in these challenging times. The need for extra income becomes the catalyst for entrepreneurship and new start-up businesses. Creativity emerges. With perseverance and commitment you can make good money on the internet. It is worth your consideration.

You will find that your biggest obstacles are mental roadblocks. Consider the following list of obstacles followed by words of encouragement for you to think differently.

Lack of time — This does not need to be a full-time effort. But it does take some commitment of time. Even 10 hours a week will produce results.
No business or marketing experience — Although business experience helps, the truth is that many successful internet entrepreneurs had no business experience.
Uncertainty about where to start — There are many sources of information on how to proceed. One resource is listed in the Resources box attached to this article.
Not smart enough — It doesn’t take genius or a college education to succeed in starting an online business.
No product to sell — You can buy the resell rights to existing products, you can sell other people’s products, or you can create your own product fairly easily.
Not a computer expert — If you can balance your checkbook and communicate with others via email, you can succeed in an online business.
Lack of funds — There are ways to make money online at no cost to you. There are many ways to do business online on a small budget.
Urgent need for money now — There are ways to begin making money online within the next week. Some other methods take a little longer.
My family and friends will frown on the idea — Even your critical opponents can become your admirers if they see your courage and fortitude.
Fear of risk — Think about the first time you got behind the wheel of a car. It was scary and yet you took a risk because you wanted the freedom that came with driving a car. Starting an online business is the same way. It’s scary at first. The more experience you gain, the less scary it is and the fear of risk diminishes. Keep in mind that there are many people that are experienced in creating a successful online business. They’ve shared their experience through books, seminars, and videos providing directions on how you can succeed as well.
I like the saying “we have met the enemy and it is us”. The above obstacles are examples of that. The good news is that these are mental roadblocks and they can be overcome.

Consider the opportunity to learn and develop a new business. Think of the benefits that a successful online business will present to you and your loved ones. Be assured that you’re not totally alone. Everything you need in terms of resources, tools, and assistance is available to you. [The 10-Part Series listed in the Resources box will be a good place to start.]

Barry Russell is author of “Secrets To Quickly Earning Real Money Online”. This 10-Part Series provides little known solutions that persons with little or no experience can use to quickly and easily move from ne

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